Like a film set, but real

Scotland: St Conan’s Kirk – a magical place on Loch Awe

You really don’t have to be a lover of sacred buildings to find this place somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Scotland magical. Or at least worth seeing.

Photos: A. Knappe / Nordisch.info

We are talking about a small church directly on the shore of Loch Awe, which my wife and I discovered by chance some time ago – on the way to Mallaig (Skye ferry).

Seen from the outside and inside, the building seems almost like a film set. Or to put it another way: it seems unreal, whereby our amazement was certainly also the result of the fact that we actually only wanted to stop briefly at the A85. And there it was.

In Germany and elsewhere, the church would probably be an absolute attraction, with a bus park and ticket booth. But here, in Scotland blessed with sights, we were completely alone except for one similarly enthusiastic photographer.

St Conan’s Kirk: Worthwhile short stop on the A85

We had already guessed that St Conan’s Kirk was not built in the Ivanhoe Middle Ages. But later we were surprised how young the church still is.

Landkarte St Conan’s Kirk
Location of St Conan’s Kirk in the mid-west of Scotland (about 20 kilometres to Oban).

Construction began in 1881, with completion to its present form seemingly taking decades or several stages. Visually and above all atmospherically, it has not harmed the church, which by the way has been on the A-list of Scottish monuments since 1971. So it is not completely unknown.

A short stop of maybe 15 to 30 minutes is enough to visit the church. That’s all you need. Unless you treat yourself to a picnic on the meadow between the church and Loch Awe. Accommodation is also available in the immediate vicinity.

Further information

  • St Conan’s Kirk also has an official website that provides plenty of background information on this attraction. Alongside this, there are also upcoming dates, which show that the church seems to be very popular, especially for weddings. Indeed, a suitable place for it.

  • Website: www.stconanskirk.org.uk

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